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A Digital Escape Room

Conceptualizing an on and offline game for tourists


We develop a game where the
board is the entire city of Madrid


fluid and dynamic interface for an exciting and intense experience developed in React Native


You can play with your camera and GPS for a full immersive experience

Group (3)

The Challenge.

Escape City Box wanted to revolutionize tourism in the city of Madrid and in order to achieve this, they needed to create an interactive experience for visitors in different cities around the world, offering them a unique and exciting adventure.

How to design a game that allows interaction with the environment creating a physical and digital experience that transforms the user?

The Strategy.

captura de la APP de EscapeCityBox 5 1

Cloud District developed an app in React Native with the aim
of becoming the fundamental piece of the experience to be
able to interact with the environment.

captura de la APP de EscapeCityBox 1 1

The UX and UI team designed an application for mobile and
tablet in which an interactive map was developed as a
central element to move onto the next phase.

captura de la APP de EscapeCityBox 6 1

The application also had an offline version so that users
could access routes, resources and dynamics even if the
player was not connected to the internet.

Group (4)

The Results.

The game was initially deployed in the city of Madrid and
later expanded to four more cities, thanks to the creation of
a single game engine.
Today it is the perfect choice for tourists who want to enjoy
the city in a fun and different way.

Hoy en día es la elección perfecta para turistas que quieren disfrutar de la ciudad de una manera divertida y diferente.