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World Health Organization

Creating an international community for
healthcare professionals from around the


Custom development of a
web platform for scientific dissemination
among mental health professionals


International project
coordinated from our 
New York office


Custom CMS oriented to the
presentation of scientific studies
UX adapted to 7 languages

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The Challenge.

Mental health is still one of the most unknown areas and carries a huge social stigma in many parts of the world. An international team led by the Department of Mental Health at Columbia University in New York and the World Health Organization set out to end this situation.

In 2019, the new WHO International Classification of Diseases (ICD11) had to be approved. The working group, already named the Global Clinical Practice Network and made up of more than 14,000 mental health professionals from around the world, set itself the mission in 2014 to propose to the WHO the new wording of the Mental Health chapters for this new classification and guarantee a correct diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of mental illnesses.

The Project. For the Global Clinical Practice Network

Cloud District worked with the Columbia and WHO teams to define the casuistry, needs and particularities of such a large and diverse team: seven different languages, user experiences adapted to Chinese, Arabic, Japanese and Russian, functionalities available with slow connections and a custom content manager were some of the challenges that the Consulting team had to overcome in order for the project to be a success.

The Platform.

The community platform,, has social features, an infographic section generated from the CMS and an area for reviewing the proposals for the new ICD11 and allowing users to comment on the articles.

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The Results.

The new International Classification of Diseases (ICD11) was approved in 2019 with the working group’s input. Once its mission was accomplished, the platform was reconfigured in 2020 as the digital support for future task force missions.

No task is too big or too small for this company. Their ability to work digitally, build what is needed and work when needed, deliver product on time if not sooner, and their ability to bring new ideas to the table at the right crucial time, has made working with them an incredible experience.

Kathleen M. Pike, Ph.D.,

Executive Director and Scientific Co- Director,
Global Mental Health Program
- University of Columbia