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Space Digitization Consulting

Designing the technological experience
of the new maker space of The Lawrenceville


Comprehensive service design consulting and Maker Space technical experience design for students


International project coordinated from our New York office

Group (10)

The Challenge.

The Lawrenceville School is one of the most prestigious private High Schools in the United States. Its students are bright young men and women with excellent academic records and the school has a clear orientation towards humanities. How did we manage to generate engagement with the new Maker Space that was going to be inaugurated on campus? How could we get students to find some time in their busy schedules to check out the new space?

In February 2020 The Lawrenceville School inaugurated a new building on its centennial campus: The Gruss Center for Arts and Design, a maker space focused on artistic and technological exploration, a space in which students could test, investigate and experiment with new proposals and new techniques and materials.

The Project. for
The Lawrenceville School

Cloud District collaborated closely with the Lawrenceville management and faculty to define the project’s objectives, which focused on generating engagement between the new space and the entire educational community. A team of students was appointed to carry out design thinking and consulting sessions and to conduct surveys of habits and interests on all students. Likewise, and with the intention of integrating teachers into the new space, sessions were held with prominent actors from the cloister.


The Conclusions.

The main conclusions that were drawn from the research phase, were that the Lawrenceville School students have a great engagement towards all the actions carried out in their community, but they had very different perspectives on the use they could make of the Maker Space: from a laboratory for technical exploration and personal development, to a directed space in which they could discover new techniques and integrate them into their personal interests.

As part of a mid-term work plan, the school has implemented an interactive kiosk in the building allowing students to display their work publicly, as well as consulting information about events and new equipment or materials. In successive phases, it will be sought to involve teachers with new curricular subjects and promote extracurricular activities, such as robotics or rocket clubs.