Metro 2


Digital Transformation

Digitizing the supply of materials
to the Madrid subway stations


UX UI Consulting;
Prototyping and Design


Android development + Symfony3
+ integration with SAP


Digital Transformation and
Logistics Processes

The Challenge.

The process of supplying materials from the Logistics area to the Madrid subway stations was a manual one, based on telephone calls, notepads and taking notes. The project for Metro de Madrid was based on the main objective of optimizing this process by replacing it with a digital one.

Project Objectives.

  • Digitize material orders from stations
  • The first internal subway app for their corporate martphones
  • Enable the adoption of mobile technologies among line managers
  • Integrate the entire order process in SAP

Phase 1. Getting to know the users

During the initial consulting phase, we worked with all the actors involved in the project.

The interface and processes of the app were adapted to the particularities of the line managers and to the limitations of the subway stations: users with very different profiles, little signal, sessions with several users, etc.

Phase 2. Prototyping and interface design

Having understood the user’s profile and knowing that they were mostly Android users, we designed an interface based on Material Design to maximize users’ familiarity with the interface.

The Súmate project was a fundamental initiative for the company and therefore, the Metro brand had to be present even without being a B2C product.

Vector (13)

Phase 3. Control and follow up

A custom dashboard was developed to:

  • Control order management by the logistics area users
  • Load the products
  • Manage users
  • Validate the connection with SAP
  • Enable the optimization of routes and stations
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The project was deployed as a pilot in 302 stations with selected users. Then, it was enabled to the entire Metro network and has been in use since its implementation.

‘In 15 years I have seen few or no projects better led and executed than this one’

Carmen Miyar,
Metro de Madrid Applications Development Service