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Urban mobility is evolving at a dizzying speed. New formats, such as electric scooters or cars, are imported in a matter of months and companies need to keep up-to-date, reinvent themselves technologically and adapt to new regulations.

At Cloud District we have collaborated with urban and sustainable mobility companies to offer agile, stable solutions guaranteeing maximum reliability. Offering versatility and speed to adapt to these new challenges, developing their digital ecosystems, participating in the entire value chain, from the user app to the fleet management platforms.


User App

Departing from a discovery and benchmark process, we proposed the architecture and prototyped the main use cases. Our UX team worked hand-in-hand with the technical team to address critical flows and proposed agile solutions to the client, based on the business needs of the project: onboarding management, payment gateways, vandalism prevention, etc.

We carried out the interface design, development, user testing and production of end-user and intermediate-user apps.

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The Madrid-based startup was one of the pioneers in the capital’s scooter market. In a market with a huge risk of saturation, the launching speed was key for Ride Conga; the reason why we collaborated with them in the creation of their own customized IoT module for scooters, granting them swift access to the market with immediate results. The collaboration with Conga focused on both technology and user experience, placing great emphasis on the onboarding process to simplify the registration of casual users.

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Buny took over Ride Conga with a more ambitious approach. With a large volume of licenses around the city of Madrid, the location of their fleet and the new subscription models, Bunny rapidly became a recognizable player. The control and deployment of the fleet became one of the main challenges of this project, with a custom-designed dashboard that allowed real-time monitoring of scooters and users.

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Ozone Drive is a sustainable car rental startup for hotel and community clients. The project for Ozone Drive focused on creating a user-friendly user app with an attractive design, allowing the user to use it sporadically with a minimal learning curve. The system allowed direct control of vehicles through integration with the BMW API.

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